EDI™ ELISA Development Kit


The EDI ELISA Development Kit is used to build your own specific ELISA. Microplates, buffers and other elements are included in this kit. This development kit is especially designed for professional use in research laboratories and institutions, where specific kits may not be commercially available.
This kit is for research use only.


This kit includes the following items:
  1. Uncoated Microtiter Plate - 10 plates
  2. Coating Buffer 1x - 120mL
  3. Blocking Buffer A 1x - 120mL
  4. Blocking Buffer B 1x - 120mL
  5. Plate Pouch - 10 pouches
  6. Dessicant - 10 pieces
  7. HRP Conjugate Diluent - 11mL
  8. Calibrator Dilution Matrix - 11mL
  9. ELISA HRP Substrate - 120mL
  10. ELISA Stop Solution - 120mL
  11. Wash Concentrate 30x - 120mL
Catalog no. KTR-100
Tests per kit 960 tests
Storage Temperature 2-8 °C