EpiTuub® Fecal Rotavirus Antigen Rapid Test Kit


This rotavirus antigen test kit is intended for the direct qualitative detection of the presence of rotavirus antigen in patient fecal samples. The test might be used as an aid for detecting patients with acute gastroenteritis infected with rotavirus.
It is for professional use only. 
​​​​​​​For In-Vitro Diagnostic Use

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Catalog no. KT-917
Target Rotavirus
Species Human
Method Rapid Test
Tests Per Kit 30 tests
Result Positive/Negative
Positive Cut Off
Accuracy Specificity 98.5 % , Sensitivity: 97.1 %
Read test result 5 - 15 minutes
Sample Type Stool
Storage Temperature 2-8 °C

Selected Literature

Set-up of a new rapid immunochromatographic diagnostic test for a Rotavirus detection. D. Van Beers , M. DE Foor , R. Viehoff , D. Col , M. Venuti and T. Leclipteux.Progress in Clinical Virology III , Bologne , Septembre 1997.
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​​​​​​​3. Comparison of Three Rapid Immunoassays for the Detectiono of Rotavirus Antigen in Stool Samples I. Van der Donck et al. ESCV Winter Meeting 1999, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
For in-vitro diagnostic use.