This test kit is intended for use in the quantitative determination of human intact parathyroid hormone (PTH) in EDTA-plasma. The test is useful for detecting elevated and deficient PTH levels.

​​​​​​​For in vitro diagnostic use.

Indications for use

​​​​​​​Patient may have a higher than normal levels of PTH with
  • Hypercalcemia, Hypophosphatemia
  • Primary Hyperparathyroidism (adenoma, hyperplasia, malignancy)
  • Secondary Hyperparathyroidism (Vitamin D deficiency, kidney insufficiency, malabsorption-syndrome, pseudohyperparathyroidism)
Patient may have a lower than normal levels of PTH with
  • High doses of vitamin-D
  • Hypercalcemia of malignancy
  • Milk-alkali-syndrome
  • Morbus Boeck (Sarcoidosis)
  • Hyperthyreosis


Parathyroid hormone PTH is a 84 amino acid polypeptide with an approximate molecular weight of 9500 Dalton. PTH is the most important endocrine regulator of calcium and phosphorus concentration in extracellular fluid. This hormone is secreted from cells of the parathyroid glands and finds its major target cells in bone and kidney.


Catalog no. KT-888
Target PTH
Species Human
Method Sandwich ELISA
Tests Per Kit 96 tests
Detection Colorimetric
Sensitivity / LLOD 0.77 pg /mL
Dynamic Range 0 - 1215 pg/mL
Total Incubation Time 3 hours, 20 minutes
Sample Type EDTA-plasma
Sample Volume 200 µL
Storage Temperature 2-8 °C
For in-vitro diagnostic use.