Fecal Ova/Parasite Concentration Kit


The EDI Fecal Ova/Parasite Concentration Kit is a device that easily processes stool samples and to concentrate ova/parasite for further use and microscopic examination.
This kit is for laboratory professional use.


Fecal sample ova/parasite concentration is a routine procedure for improving detection rate or reducing false negative results during parasite screening. Traditionally, the concentration procedure used in laboratories requires the use of either ethyl acetate as a lipid removing agent and formalin as a fixative. This process involves the use of either expensive brass sieves or even tea strainers as the filter element. Tea strainers have a large open pore structure of at least 600 microns and, due to the shape of the strainer, inconsistent pore size. Fecal matter is filtered directly through the mesh in a dead stop manner, and hence, there is the tendency for occlusion of the filter. A secondary filter layer may also form, particularly fibers, in the sediment. The net result is a reduction in egg yield and sample clarity.
This device is intended for easy, effective, and clean processing of fecal samples, concentrating ova/parasites for microscopic examination.


Catalog no. FPC200
Tests Per Kit 50 single-use tubes