Intact FGF-21 ELISA

May 23, 2023
Intact FGF-21 ELISAIntact FGF-21 ELISA

Your partner for human FGF-21 related research projects.

Many research of FGF-21 performed based on general FGF-21 test, which measures both intact FGF-21 and FGF-21 fragments. However, it is essential to study intact FGF-21, as well as FGF-21 fragments seperately, because 
  • Human Intact FGF-21 (1-181) binds to β-Klotho and FGFR, initiating an intracellular signaling pathway that leads to various biological activities.
  • N-truncated and C-truncated FGF-21, while not biologically active themselves, may possess antagonistic functions by acting as receptor or protein binding agents. These truncated forms have the potential to interfere with normal FGF-21 signaling or disrupt interactions with other proteins.

Epitope Diagnostics offers following human FGF-21 tools for your scientific research and development.

  • KTR-879 Serolisa™ Human intact FGF-21(1-181) ELISA Kit
  • KTR-866 Serolisa™  Human ncFGF-21 ELISA Kit
  • KTR-873 Serolisa™  Human nFGF-21 ELISA Kit
  • KTR-874 Serolisa™  Human cFGF-21 ELISA Kit
  • 30661 Anti-human FGF-21 (176-181), C-terminal Specific Antibody, Affinity purified
  • 30618 Anti-human FGF-21 (1-6), N-terminal Specific Antibody, Affinity purified
Related literatures by using the above human intact FGF-21 ELISA: 
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2. Rashmi S, Modagan P, Silambanan S (2020): FGF-21 as a bone adiposity marker in osteoporosis, Ann Trop Med & Public Health; 23(S23): SP232371.