Fecal H. pylori & C. difficile GDH/Toxin A&B Sample Collection Kit


The kit is intended for the use of collection and extraction of fecal specimen. The extracted sample can be directly used together with H. pylori antigen ELISA kit for simple and easy processing of stool samples. This kit is also compatible with the C. difficile GDH ELISA, C. difficile Toxin A ELISA, and C. difficile Toxin B ELISA. 

For research use only.


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Catalog no.

Tests Per Kit

Storage Temperature


48 tubes

Store unopened tubes at 2-8 °C

For collected specimens, store at 2-8 °C for up to 3 days, or -20°C for long term storage. Avoid more than 3 freeze-thaw cycles per specimen.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.